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Veiled Revenge "In Spite Of Flaming Love"

   Two families, in their early years, were neighbors up an isolated hollow in the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia. Here in this hollow the roots of this saga are embedded. During these years the despicable acts by one, against the other, are seared into a young mind never to be forgotten.

   Many years later, in the city, unexplained, nasty and frustrating events begin affecting the young man’s life. Though infuriated, he remains blind to the possibility that someone is orchestrating his difficulties. The initiator constantly struggles with her conscience but is committed to levy payback to satisfy her long held hate. Finally, when he becomes convinced somebody is determined to make his life miserable, he has no clue who would perpetrate such acts.

   Meanwhile his heart burns with flaming love, as he searches for the woman, his high school mate. Due to his non-recognition of her and total trust, even though they meet and talk, she continues her payback. He is convinced his school mate (she) would never stoop so low. Revenge is taken with no thought of hurt to the initiator. Hard lessons abound. Past actions become part of one’s future, inscribed on character, never to be erased. Unexpectedly, pulsating love rushes at her from different directions, creating nagging dilemma and anxiety. One’s actions offer rewards and consequences. Emotions explode.

   These riveting, common, ordinary and passionate characters will bring tears, laughter and heartache as their emotions surge through the highs and lows of love and living.

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The Daughter's Dilemma

     For you to realize the greatest enjoyment and understanding of this sequel, it is strongly recommended that first you read, Shocking Revelation in Pocahontas County. A novel loaded with exciting and inviting characters, along with Maggie and Bucky the primary characters, who will capture and hold your interest throughout.

     This action, in this sequel, intertwined with throbbing hearts unfolds in the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia. The residents of Pocahontas County have no clue on who or what is behind the terrible happenings. Maggie Millhouse, a young investigative reporter of the Town Herald in Oak Park, Illinois, suburb of Chicago, desperately strives to achieve happiness in her life. But first, she must resolve many disturbing questions about her father. This she dreads. Bernard "Bucky" Acce, a local business man, has his life shocked into turmoil due to his involvement with Maggie.

     Events spiral into living or dying issues. Questions abound with no obvious answers or solutions. Both are confronted with horrible happenings giving them no desirable options. Their struggles pull at your heart. Will they prevail in the face of hopeless odds? Do you believe in the old adage that somehow love always prevails? Don't be too certain.

     This sequel continues the exciting and troubling adventure. Allow your emotions to rise and fall with these strong characters.

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Shocking Revelation in Pocahontas County

    Maggie, a young newspaper reporter, was pampered as a youth and her first major independent decision shocked her friends and family. She leaves her home and family abruptly, in the Chicago area, seeking to clear her mind and swirling emotions. She is confronted with alarming options, even en route, that test her character and judgment. She finds herself in the beautiful Snowshoe Mountain Resort in Pocahontas County, West Virginia. Maggie is attracted immediately to Bucky, a young county businessman, in the most unexpected manner, which constantly creates conflict. She is often forced to deal with raw fear, while rural characters and personalities amaze her beyond belief. She is drawn into a murder trial already in progress, and the defendant’s action keeps the town on the edge of ruin. The defense attorney is caught in a ‘no win’ dilemma between the town and the trial. Maggie and Bucky’s romantic desires are confronted with continuing obstacles. A twenty-five year career sergeant must face a police officer’s most dreaded fear. Throughout, Maggie believed strongly, when she left, she would be the only one to escape the hurt and misery forced upon the town and prominent townspeople. Scandalous revelations come almost daily. When the town is striving to return to normal, the FINAL shocking revelation is revealed; the UNIMAGINABLE. Maggie learns, to her horror, there is no escape. Her character and strength are tested beyond belief. Unexplained deaths occur. During all these wild and fanatical happenings, romantic hearts are throbbing, down to the final second.

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Go Get Eva

   Eva Moore was born in 1888 into a family whose lifestyle was crude. She had no electricity, drew water from an underground well, cooked and heated with wood-burning stoves and "lived off the land." Her iron-willed character developed early as she learned how to deal with fear. She married young, children came early and life began with much promise. But the years soon brought tragedies beginning with the most devastating, losing her devoted husband as she expected her ninth child.

   She learned how to survive and be self-sufficient by using all available pioneering methods, in this developing and wild mountainous area. She also delivered babies, cared for the ill and became the "back up" for the local country doctor. When called upon she never refused, even walked miles through deep snow to stay with and care for a dear friend who was gravely ill. People came for Eva when the doctor was not available, which was often in the mountains.

     Probably the greatest transformation of a society ever to occur, was during her lifetime; from the horse and buggy to atomic energy. All this change, however, had little impact on her life and struggles. She had to deal with the horror of two World Wars and the Great Depression of the 1930s. In spite of the these catastrophic events, along with her daily struggles, she never lost her zest for living or the song in her heart. Through this book you will experience her struggles, joys and her determined desire to survive. You will come to admire this wonderful woman, one of millions who made this country into what it stands for today; the beacon of democracy and freedom by and for a free people.

     This is a "must read" true story.

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Shades of America

     “Shades of America” is a wonderful collection of the unique and unusual that will challenge and also satisfy any reader. The verses provide relevant messages on honor, patriotism, loyalty, values, sacrifice and country along with politics. Each poem has a message that is worthwhile for consideration. The book is dedicated to every American who believes that sacrifice is necessary to maintain and pass on our freedoms to future generations. The writings capture some of the mood and thinking in America leading up to and entering the 21st century.


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My Outdoor Buddy


One-Of-A-Kind Book You Will Use a Lifetime

Every Hiker, Backpacker, Outdoor Person Should Have It

Loaded With Useful Information: First Aid, National Parks, Driving Information, Mountain Elevations, Information on States, US Presidents, Notes For Family Data, Bible Time, Plus Much More with Unbelievable Trivia and Funny Poems for the Camp Fire.

   After many years of family camping and looking for a similar book to make notes and keep track of my outings, without success, I decided to write my own. I also decided to make it a "learning book" as I continued, over three years, to add information: Birthstones and Flowers, Weights and Measures, Wedding Anniversary Gifts, Perpetual Calendar, Currency by Country, even Scary Tale Starters and much, much more. This is a book you will keep handy for reference and it will truly become your Outdoor Buddy. There is no other book like this. You can learn much from this book.


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